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TPC T-shirts
TPC shirts
Black or white shirt with the TPC trademark. You have the option of using either the skyline or the regular TPC logo. Your name can be printed on for an additional amount.
Our price: $20.00 CAD
TPC Stickers
TPC stickers
The famous trademark sticker. Equipped with a complex version of the skyline. Completes the look of the car and lets others know you're part of the TPC family.
Our price: $3.00 CAD
TPC License Plate Cover
TPC License Plate Cover
A perfect fit to your license plate. It has the TPC logo on the bottom edge with enough space for license plate visibility. Will also protect your license plate from any damage.
Our price: $15.00 CAD
TPC Lanyards
Screen printed lanyard with detachable side squeeze plastic buckle with swivel hook attachment. Repeated with "Toronto Prelude Club". Black, white, red & blue to suit your personality.
Our price: $5.00 CAD
TPC Windsheild Banner
Windshield decal that fits perfectly and extends from one end to the other. Consists of logo, name and website. Fit's all GENs. Comes in white & silver. Contact about other colours.
Our price: $12.00
Would you happen to have any suggestions as to what TPC should start selling or any accesories you might want? Let us know. Customer satisfaction guranteed. Contact
Our price: $ FREE


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