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The Toronto Prelude Club (TPC) has received overwhelming response from the Honda Prelude community in the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding regions in Ontario. As well, many Prelude enthusiasts from all over the world have dropped by our site and have supported and contributed in many different manners. For this we are excited about our future and thankful for the people who have helped to bring us here. The members of the Toronto Prelude Club proper come from all over Ontario and we are steadily increasing, with more interest growing by what seems like the day.

To get an idea of why we exist please read about our TPC Mission Statement and Objectives on our About Us Page.

The document you are currently reading outlines what a prospective TPC Member can look forward to by joining the TPC.

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The first thing you most likely want to know about TPC Membership is if it's going to cost you anything. Our Introductory Club Membership is based on a pro-rated amount of $20 per year + an additional $10 for new members. After that you will have the option to renew once a year (Jan.1) at a rate of $20 for the entire year. Contact Derek (aka 93SRVMAN) at for your exact price. How come so much? Our membership fee is very reasonable compared to other clubs in Canada and the US. So what do you get for your money? Read on, the answers are coming.

Late Fees: Will be charged an additional $5.00 over and on top of the $20 renewal fee.

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The Introductory Membership Fee purchases you the TPC Membership Package, including:

  • A one year membership,
  • Access to the Members only webboard forums.
  • Access to our Meetings which are posted on the main board and the events forum, including install days, and just fun days (like go-karting, affiliate meets.)
  • Discounts at accredited TPC Performance Tuning Shops all over the GTA.
  • Group buys that occur fairly regularly on parts as we find specials that can't be passed up, and
  • TPC Calling Cards to give to others.

The bottom-line when it comes to TPC Membership is our desire to provide you with what YOU want. Of course the only way we know what you want is by you telling us or us guessing, knowing what WE want. So, please let us know if there's anything you'd like to see us do as a club.

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The Toronto Prelude Club Online has seen success because of the contributions by members. To meet our club mission and objectives we require member contribution. Without YOU we will surely fail. So how do can you contribute? Here are a few ways:

  • Discuss in the Forum
  • Write Articles
  • Submit News, Pictures, and/or Links
  • Take pictures of interesting Prelude, Hondas or Imports in your communities
  • Draw, design logos or banners, whatever
  • Send me anything Prelude related that's creative

If you're not into the web or internet thing and want to help out, we've still got things that you can do:

  • Help organize an event
  • Design some modifications (ie. intakes, exhausts, etc.)
  • Design stickers, tee shirts, etc.
  • Tell us about your work/skills/education that might be useful
  • Tell us about your contacts work/skills/education that might be useful

The bottom line is this club is yours. You make it or break it. So if you're willing to offer your help, I guarantee you we'll find something for you to do that contributes to the club.

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Although the Toronto Prelude Club Online is your club, it is our intention to keep this online community open and accessible to everyone. Therefore, we have decided that this site will have a Family Rating. That means that on our Forum - we give you the responsibility to filter your language, attitude, phrases, and general communication like your mother was reading it. If not your mother than your father, rabbi, priest, pastor, teacher, professor, little brother/sister, niece/nephew, grand kids ... I think you get the picture. 'Nuff said.

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We no longer have honorary members but we will be working on something called TPC Friends and they will include some of our non-Prelude buddies who would like to join the club just to support us. Currently we have at least one non-Prelude Paid Member who comes out to events and shows support to the TPC and import scene. We're still working out what to do about that but if you're interested, hit our webboard and ask.

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If I were you, it'd be important to me to know where my money is going, so I'm going to tell you. Even considering the Introductory Membership Fee is very minimal we want to be very clear about how we use your money. In fact we are so concerned about this that one of our TPC Steering Committee positions is the Information Systems Manager who primarily looks after treasury and financial matters. As well, we are starting a TPC joint bank account between the IS Manager and Chairperson, so that there is accountability between them. Finally, in an effort to be completely open with you, at your request we will open our financial records (which currently contains nothing) for your inspection. Remember we're just a bunch of working folks doing this as our hobby, so we want to make it clear that we're not making any money off of this. We do this for fun!

Currently the costs that we have incurred so far are and what we would like to spend money on include:

  • TPC Membership Cards
  • TPC Calling Cards
  • Purchase of unique domain name (URL) for the TPC website
  • Monthly web server costs.
  • Float for initial purchase of TPC items, like the TPC licence plate covers.

We will update this list as more things pop up but I would imagine this isn't too much of an issue for most of you. Please ask if it is.

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