About The Toronto Prelude Club...

The Toronto Prelude Club was formed in 1999 to be a place for Prelude enthusiast to share information and personal experience. We host events and provide a web forum for members to interact in a social environment. We also share information on our cars, enjoy driving in social street cruises and performance oriented events like track days. We pride ourselves in being a mature club and we do not condone or promote street racing or aggressive driving. We have helped with and been a part of community and car enthusiast awareness programs.

Our membership has grown over the years and our strength as a group has allowed us to get special treatment at our affiliated businesses. Our affiliates have a good reputation within the club for fair service and good prices. We continuously evaluate affiliates to make sure they are maintaining expected service and pricing levels for club members. Members themselves have been the clubs best asset and many are willing to help out others whenever they can.

There is no special requirements to join the club. All generations of Preludes are welcome and you don't need to have a modified Prelude to be accepted. Most members have stock or relatively stock cars.